Mar 24, 2010

I Might Need Binoculars to See the Weekend

It's only Wednesday and I've:
  • Worked overtime -- um, not okay
  • Broken part of my closet -- don't ask
  • Hurt my ankle more and now my knee is crying too
  • Thrown a temper tantrum at the gym bc I didn't want to do something embarrassing (frog-hops, are you kidding me? I refuse to partake in elementary school activities)
I don't know what's going on but I was a blazing hot mess! I rarely have bad days, and this was 24 hours of emotional and physical instability. Because of my ankle, whatever the heck I did to it, I decided it was not a good idea to run the 10K on Saturday. I don't want to make it worse and I'm sure it'll be fine if I take it easy for a few more days. 

On the bright side:
  • Fat check next pay period
  • Don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn for the run (I love sleep)
  • Apologized to my trainer for acting like a 5 year old
  • New 5K time: 27:10 
  • Sushi dinner plans on Friday!
  • Meeting Erica for brunch on Sunday!
  • And this new sandwich:
Sweet Ham + Cave Aged Gruyere + Pear + Honey on Honey Wheat Bread
This is a really simple sandwich, but because the ingredients pair so well with each other, the end result is amazing.

All I did was take 2 slices of Rudi's Organic Honey Wheat bread, add cheese slices and D'anjour pear slices on one:
and two slices of Publix sweet ham on the other:
I drizzled honey on top of the ham while I heated a pan over medium heat. I added cooking spray...never butter. I put the sandwich in the pan and cooked it just like a grilled cheese -- a few minutes on each side with a lid on top to make sure the cheese melts.

End result:
With peas!! Peas are one of my favorite vegetables :)

It has become clear to me that I have an obsession with trying new foods. I read about Sabra's sun-dried tomato hummus on Jessie's blog and knew I had to have it. On my lunch break, I looked at the Annie's shells & cheddar that I had brought and frowned. This was not meant to be my lunch. HUMMUS WAS. I zoomed over to Publix and picked up the new flavor along with Stacy's multigrain pita chips.  
This hummus flavor was pretty good, but not terribly exciting. Most of the flavor comes from the actual sun-dried tomatoes, and the rest of the hummus is a little bland. Sabra's hummus is very different than other brands because it has much more of a smooth, whipped consistency. I prefer the texture of Athenos' and Whole Foods' hummuses, but Sabra has really interesting flavors. My absolute favorite is Supremely Spicy...and yes, it is. I also picked up the Luscious Lemon flavor, so hopefully that will be better.

I also snacked on a new Luna Bar flavor: Vanilla Almond. 
Mmm this is a good one. It's got a really smooth, creamy flavor with a light nutty hint from the almond slivers. 
The addition of icing is perfect for this bar -- the sweetness really balances the roasted almond flavor out. I bet this would be even better with a big glass of Blue Diamond almond milk in the vanilla flavor!

After last night's meltdown at the gym I felt like I didn't get a good workout in. And Monday's yoga class was more like laying around in funky positions yet somehow sweating profusely. I knew tonight I had to be serious. I ran a 5k the right way -- started off slow at 6.5mph for the first mile, then slowly increased my speed for the remainder of the run. I ended the race at 8.0mph. After the first mile, I always think "Oh my gosh, I have more than two miles to go? UGH SHOOT ME!" At mile 2, the same thing always happens. I kind of just forget I'm running and keep on going. By the time I get to 2.5 miles there's no way I'm giving up. And then when 3.0 hits, I'm like COME ON XTINA, DON'T YOU DARE STOP. I finished right over 27 minutes and then cooled down for two. Cool down is kind of a joke after a 3.1 mile run -- I'm sweating like a champ -- nothing cool about my body temperature or my looks. 

After that I worked on my arms and ablets. I jumped on the monkey bars to do knee lifts and after the second set, my body just kept swinging. Like every time I dropped my legs back down I'd swing like a darn pendulum. Then I just started cracking up remembering Julius saying "You have no control over your body." I jumped down laughing, tripped over the step stool, and decided to lay...and do abs. 

Are you guys ready for the weekend? Only two work days left!! :)


  1. Hahaha...I was going to call you and tell you the hummus was on sale! Kelly

  2. ummm, im sad about you and the bridge run...but your absence gives my presence:) good blog:)

  3. aww i am soo sorry girl!!! rest that knee up!!

  4. loving he sandwich combo. I used to be a FREAK for those bars! I had WAY too many of them haha. Rest up and get better!

  5. As a single person, I have a difficult time keeping organic breads edible AND palatable. I can refrigerate them, but then they are not as tasty.
    Do you have any other suggestions for keeping breads both mold-free and delicious?

  6. I've ALWAYS loved that hummus!!!!

  7. wahooo can't wait to meet up. If you like hummus- you need to try Publix hummus- cilantro jalapeno! I do not like cilantro and I am OBSESSED with this stuff. I've been buying a little tub of it every week. Sorry you had a yucky 24 hours :(. Hope the ankle starts feeling better and that your Thursday is fab

  8. ooo great sandwich combo! I love that you love peas~ I actually always hated them but Im not sure why. I eat them now every once in awhile and I write about them for work ( for the kiddos as a "starchy veg") but anyway its nice to see you have a passion for them.

    It seems like you had a rough couple of days, I think I did as well, it was kinda like "Grrrr" to the universe. Glad that guy got the hint at yoga- Ive had very similar experiences too! I don't get why people don't get that we need more space around ourselves!

    great job on the 5 k!

  9. Oh my gosh - TOTALLY loving your blog, too! So glad you commented so I could find it :)
    Not a huge Sabra fan either (gasp!) Have you tried Cedars?! They're my favorite :) Tons of crazy flavors, too - but I like good ol' sundried tomato & basil or garlic lovers.
    And that sandwich does look amazing! Not a ham fan usually - but pretty sure I would love it on a sandwich like that! Don't you love how some of the simplest ingredients can make for the best sandwiches?! Kind of like my sweet potato panini :)
    Sorry to hear about having to work so much and your ankle! But hey, looks like you've got a lot of positives to balance out the negatives. Think of all the crazy health foods you'll be able to experiment with once that paycheck comes in :P

  10. At least you found the positives! and sleep sounds a heck of a lot better than waking up for a 10k you arent sure you really wanna do!

  11. That Sabra hummus looks so good! :)I love the spinach and artichoke one!

  12. Luna bars are just SO good :) I love reading you blog!

  13. Hope the last week has been better than last weds!

    Just found your blog and love it...very funny!

  14. I wouldn't want to be doing those stupid frog hops either. I think sometimes trainers try to be a little too creative! I've seen people do the most ridiculous things at the gym.

    My favorite sandwich is grilled ham, brie, and pear. I love the sweetness of the ham and pear with the saltiness of the brie. SO YUMMY :)

  15. Looking at your review for Sabra - I've heard about it so much on blogs - but honestly I prefer the other hummus(es?) I buy. It is good...but, I don't know, more creamy or something?
    LOVE the Luna White Chocolate Macadamia bars - they look similar to that Vanilla Almond...not sold here in Canada :(