Mar 10, 2010

One Yogurt I Hate, One Yogurt I Like

Let's talk about the most disgusting thing that has recently entered my life, and then...the most delicious. I don't usually stray from Greek yogurt, but when I saw the Weight Watcher's Blueberry Pie flavor, I snatched it and threw it in my cart. I love love love blueberries and blueberry-flavored things, and since it was 1/1000th  the price of Greek yogurt, I figured Wachovia wouldn't mind if I tried it. I brought it to work with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk and a banana. So many Bs!
Look at a close up of the yogurt...can you see why I couldn't resist? It's a pie!
I pulled back the top and was greeted with the most obnoxious blue color ever. It was like the brightest blue in my face before 9AM. Not okay. I dipped my spoon in the yogurt, and took a tiny bite....OMGross. It was so bad. Awful. Fake. Tangy. Sour. Disgusting. This was NOT a blueberry pie in my mouth - this was a disaster that was thrown in the trash about 15 seconds later. 

Since I'm pretty vocal about, um, everything, I told my coworkers so they knew not to ever spend a penny on this trash. Thankfully I have some kickass coworkers, and one of them offered me some food: grapes & a wedge of laughing cow cheese.
This pretty much saved my morning.

After trying the oh-so-delicious cherry Fage yogurt the other day, I decided to buy more. 
Cherry, check, onto the Peach! I anticipated the same amazingness as I experienced with the cherry. 
It was alllmost as good, but still yummy. The peach topping was similar to canned peaches, but the yogurt, again, being 2%, was so creamy!

And, for Nikki...

Also, stay tuned for a full review of alllllll of these bars...and many more that I'll soon be buying.


  1. ick, sorry about the dud yogurt. The greek stuff always reigns supreme.

    ahh luna envy!

  2. "im pretty vocal about um..everything" HAHA! me and you would get along GREAT!!!! ohh yeah!
    eeeeh fake yogurt-sorry about that girl!!
    i have YET to try the fage duals! looks great!

  3. Look at that bar stash - I look forward to the reviews!
    And I've never tried Fage before, but it sounds good! Thanks for sharing how it's pronounced too :-). I've always thought it was pronounced "f" + "age" - my bad!

  4. Can't wait for your next installment.