Mar 1, 2010

Yes, it's possible to be too dulce.

Yikes -- I left my memory card inside my laptop last night, so I couldn't snap pictures of my was just the usual pb&j oat bran. Right after breakfast, a few coworkers and I turned into five-year olds...for some odd reason we were discussing how vertically-challenged two of our coworkers are. Even at 5'1.75", I'm not the shortest. One of the girls asked me how tall I was, and I responded "5'1" or 5'2", something in between." Not to worry - Victoria busted out the the measuring tape and we penciled our heights onto the wall! Haha. 
GREAT NEWS: I'm 5'2"!!  I took that picture on my cell phone and realized that my Blackberry camera is almost as good as my Canon! So then I took a picture of my mid-morning snack:
There has been a ripe banana shortage lately at Whole Foods, and I'm just about tired of it. I need my daily banana, so I ate this one before it was ready. Bleigh. 1st bad decision of my day. It left an awful taste in my mouth, leaving me no choice but to dig into another coworker's Girl Scout Cookies stash:
Dulce de Leche Girl Scout Cookies
2nd bad decision of the day: these things SUCK. Why must I keep reminding myself not to eat store-bought cookies?

Lunch was very random: a few grilled shrimpies at my aunt's with a hardboiled egg.

On the way home from work I grabbed my new Luna Bar: Dulce de Leche......wait, what? This flavor, again?
3rd bad decision of the day. BLEIGH x 2!
Yeah, the frosting looks like a caramely goodness, but don't be fooled. Maybe I'm just not a fan of Dulce de Leche because both the cookies and the Luna Bar were extremely disappointing. No biggie though, that just means I'm even more excited to try the Cookies 'n Cream Delight.

After some errands, I ran to the gym to run and watch Jeopardy and The Bachelor. I was just a freakin' woman during the first half hour: I went from laughing, to getting the chills, to wanting to scream at the tv. At one point while running, I got goose bumps so bad and my knees got weak I had to stop running! Hahaha pathetic! While scowling at the tv, a rando dude came up and was like "So who's winning?" SERIOUSLY? "Oh, my sister's got me into it...I swear. I don't normally watch this kinda stuff." HAHA, I'm sure. He was Team Tenley too, so I didn't give him too much crap. Needless to say I was not happy with whom Jake chose: cough, Vienna Sausage, cough. I just thought Tenley was so.....DULCE!!

Want to know the best part of my day? This dress:
I noticed it at Dillard's back in December and immediately fell in love. I have bought way too many dresses recently, and didn't need it at $118. I figured if I was meant to have another blue cocktail dress, it would go on sale and be in my size. This wasn't the case..or so I thought. It went down to $70 and I jumped for joy--until the smallest size they had was a 4. Not gonna work. I randomly called Dillard's again and ohmygosh not only was it on sale for $35.40, they had a size 0 at the Greenville location...and for a mere $8, they'd ship it to me. I can't even tell you how fast I blurted out my credit card digits...It should be on my doorstep in two days and on my body as soon as I have an event worthy of this precious little number!! 


  1. HEY GIRL!
    sorry about the fail day! haha! i hope tommorow is better! i do love that dress tho! soo cute!! i CANT WAIT for summer weather! dont you just love walking down king street in a summary dress?!!? yesss!

  2. woo woo, glad a little retail therapy made up for the dud dulce de leche snacks. You are gonna be smokin' in that little blue number!

  3. love the dress, love team tenley...oh well, another bachelor relationship that'll end before marriage.

  4. Wow, that's such a cute dress! I love it!

    So sorry about your eats today. :( I kind of want those Girl Scout cookes, though.

  5. Such a cute dress! I know what you mean about the Luna Bar---I honestly have only liked one flavor of those. Im always disappointed with them.

  6. I had the same for breakfast guess who started me on it!
    I didn't watch the it this season so I'm going with your pick.
    The cookies were nasty. Yuck
    It's so funny to me that someone so little can eat so much.
    And I LURVE this dress!! So you saying GCHI isn't good enough for you to wear it there?? Say it ain't so!