Feb 15, 2011

Calling All Chick-fil-A Lovers!

On last week’s post when I uploaded a video about the new ketchup tubs, Tiffany from Simply Shaka made an interesting suggestion. She said that I should ask my readers to send me pictures with their Chick-fil-A. I was fascinated by the idea of seeing how many different locations I could gather, but also what other people love about Chick-fil-A.

I would seriously love it if you participated. I don’t care if you’ve been been a long-time reader or if you’ve just stopped by here and there and never commented. Show me your stuff!

You can show me a picture of yourself with your food…IMG01759

or how messy of an eater you are.IMG_3126

You can show me your Chick-fil-A adventures with friends who are also lovers…biceps

or show me how you brought your friend there for her first time!DSC01855

You can show me any Chick-fil-A goodies that you’ve worn. This was taken at a bar. No shame in my game…IMG00460-20100424-2352

or a picture of yourself at a new location. Here I am on the way to Auburn. IMG01226-20100917-1859

I wouldn’t even mind if you showed me how you’ve been naughty with your Chick-fil-A, like the time Jenna and I took the flowers because we thought they threw them away each night (still so sorry!)…IMG00108-20100109-2139

or the time you used their cups to sip alcoholic beverages. Nascar races make us do crazy things, people.IMG01909

You could also show me what your special needs are…extra pickles for me!IMG00826-20100611-1517

Or you can show me how you may or may not love Chick-fil-A more than your friends. IMG_3177

Whatever you’ve got, I want it! Here’s how:

You can start sending them in .5 seconds and I’ll accept them until forever. Thank you and have a LOVELY evening!