Feb 20, 2011

Rolling Around in a Giant Blue Ball. A 51” Blue Ball.

Before I get started on how I ridiculously spent my Saturday, here is Photo Day 3: A picture of the cast from your favorite show.
The Golden GirlsI.love.those.ladies.

I was supposed to run 432 errands, but instead did the two most important ones: go to the bank and the library. I quit doing errands when Matt texted me saying, “I’m ready to play now.”

We went to lunch at Three Little Birds Café & Catering in West Ashley. The little café is located in the Windermere Plaza behind Earthfare. The menu contains both breakfast items, sandwiches, soups, salads, smoothies, and fresh juices. I ordered the a turkey sandwich with avocado, tomato, sprouts, Swiss cheese, and a black bean spread on Tuscan bread. I had a side of sweet potato home fries.DSC_2346

Three Little Birds on Urbanspoon

We also stopped by Costco for some essentials: broccoli, toilet paper, and inflatable toys.IMG00424-20110219-1253
We found this and contemplated buying it for like 3 whole minutes until we decided to split it. Matt said, “I mean seriously, we are 26 years old and buying inflatable toys.” The packaging clearly states that this toy is for 3 years old and up and holds up to 150 pounds. Hmm…I fit.IMG00425-20110219-1304
Before going home, we went to Earthfare and picked up a 6-pack of Corona. No way was I rolling around in that thing without a bev. Pumping it up took less than 10 minutes and then it was time to roll.DSC_2351
The hardest part was getting in the ball.DSC_2355DSC_2357DSC_2358And also not tipping over. DSC_2360Once I was in, Matt rolled/kicked me around. He pretty  much abused me to the point where I was squealing to get out. I love having my guy friends because they are protective but they can also be so abusive!DSC_2362DSC_2364Miserable.DSC_2366
Matt then thought it was a good time to wash his car.DSC_2382And also me. I would have killed him had it not been 77 degrees out.DSC_2381Later, Graham and Brett came home and tried out the ball. How this thing didn’t pop, I’m still not sure. They were seriously running and body slamming the thing to knock each other.DSC_2385DSC_2389DSC_2391
After oh, say, 30 minutes of this, Brett put together an awesome video of the clips I had taken. Watch this!!