Feb 24, 2011

Photo Day #6: I Like My Life.

I thought long and hard about Photo Day #6: A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.image Confused? Don’t be. I have absolutely no desire to trade places with anyone. I love my life too much and don’t want to miss a day of it.

Not a day goes by that I don’t experience something that just makes me smile.

Example 1: Tonight, while at a surprise going away party for Jenny, my good friend Rob and I were chatting.

Rob: “So, Christina, my parents are in town next week and they want to go to dinner Thursday night. They told me I had to bring a date and it couldn’t be a guy. I have to bring a girl…”

Christina: “I’ll go. I mean, are you asking me to go? Because I’ll go.”

Rob: “Yeah, I was. Plus, my mom likes to chat a lot and she’s seen your blog. I figured you’d be perfect for this kind of thing.”

Christina: “Done. So where are we going?”

We’re going to Lana Restaurant & Bar on Rutledge downtown. Has anyone been there?

Example 2: At the gym Monday night, a guy came up to me and, in all seriousness, asked, “Hey, are you the hula hoop girl?”

All I could do was laugh and confess myself.

Example 3: I’m going to NYC in 2 weeks. Boom.