May 18, 2011

Guy Fieri and Mexican Dinner

Last night Joe and I saw Guy Fieri at the Performing Arts Center! As I mentioned before, Joe got tickets through 95sx, where he is the afternoon DJ. Before the show, we stopped at a nearby La Hacienda for dinner.

I love Mexican food, but I don’t often stray from my usual orders; I either get a shrimp quesadilla or chicken enchiladas. Between the two, the server recommended the shrimp quesadilla, so I just went with it. What’s not to love about shrimp, cheese, and…..oil? DSC_2916 (1280x840)

Joe had some chicken dish and totally hacked the pronunciation when he ordered. The Spanish major in me had the sudden urge to correct him until I remembered the free tickets he was about to hand me. :)DSC_2917 (1280x853)

The food was, well, food. I slathered my quesadilla in salsa, obviously. God bless a tomato.La Hacienda on Urbanspoon

Before walking into the show, I demanded politely asked Joe to take a picture of me wearing his badge. Turns out we didn’t even need the badge but I did feel fancy for a moment. But what in the hell am I doing with my fist?? Punching air? I think I need to take a boxing class.DSC_2918 (1280x891)

So…the show. Fun! It started out with an Australian flair bartender Hayden “Woody” Wood making some beverages. He is also the author of The Liquid Kitchen. DSC_2919 (1280x853)

Volunteers were asked to assist in cocktail mixing. This one woman got kind of wild – reminded me of my moves at Trio. Sake.DSC_2922 (1280x826)

Off to the right you will notice the snazzy, orange-covered fur booth in which L.A.’s DJ Cobra was spinning.  DSC_2925 (1280x853)

After the opening act, we watched clips from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, the show where Guy travels across the country to find the most original and delicious food that America has to offer. About an hour into the show, Guy finally came out! Woaaaaaah baby does he have a lot of energy! I loved his potty mouth.DSC_2935 (1280x853)

Throughout the show, Guy cooked a couple of dishes,DSC_2923 (1280x853)

started a huge fire,DSC_2942 (1280x853)

threw shrimp at the audience,DSC_2933 (1280x853)

DSC_2950 (1280x853)DSC_2947 (1280x853)showed us his pork & fork shaped guitar.DSC_2939 (1280x853)

Guy is definitely an interesting…guy! The show was wildly entertaining and I’m glad I got to go!

If you could meet any of the Food Network chefs, who would you meet? I’d love to hang out with Giada for a day, try to hit on Scott Conant, pick Alton Brown’s brain, smack Alex Guarnaschelli for being such a pretentions biatch, and high-five Cat Cora for being a bad ass.  I’d also be overjoyed to have Paula Deen as my mother-in-law for a minute. Any longer and I’d probably go into cardiac arrest.

There were a lot of swear words in this post. I’m starting to get too comfortable with you guys. Winking smile