May 20, 2011

Things Got A Little Crazy At Work This Week

Part I: When I first started at Blackbaud, I had major issues with my computer. Or my computer had major issues with me. Either way, I spent a lot of time at the help desk and bonded with the IT guy who fixed my computer got frustrated and gave me a new laptop. Win!

We obviously bonded enough for him to think that it was okay to abuse me, because one day this week I kept getting shot by rubber bands. Like in the head. The little rascal would run away before I could see who it was, but I had my suspicions. I took a picture of the floor so you could see the collection of rubber bands that were shot at me.IMG-20110517-00231

Well, he must have started to feel bad because I received a lovely picture later that afternoon. Sweeeeeeeeeet portrait.christina

Part II: Around lunch time one day, I heard a bunch of ruckus going on downstairs in the atrium. Because my a.d.d. has been less than manageable lately, I jumped out of my chair to see what was going on.

Over the balcony, I spied a paper airplane contest. What the?! Employees were competing to win a free flight or luggage set! There was a station where you could build your paper airplane using one piece of paper, one paperclip, two staples, and tape.IMG-20110518-00235

I spotted my friend Kristin making an airplane, so I went downstairs to give it a try. People were pretty serious about their paper airplanes, but the flights weren’t going too well. This guy’s landed straight in the fountain…IMG-20110518-00240

some other people’s were getting stuck on the walls…IMG-20110518-00242

Kristin’s went straight into the water…IMG-20110518-00246

and mine just flew into the bushes.IMG-20110518-00244

I retrieved it so that I could later throw it at the IT guy’s face. Mature, I know.IMG-20110518-00247

Part III: Before a couple days ago, I had a really awful, old chair. It was ugly. I sent in a humorous incident report claiming that I needed a new chair. Read below.


James, the man who received my incident report, thought it would be funny to mess with me. I was typing away with my headphones on, when all of a sudden I hear a gruff voice behind me say, “CHRISTINA ORSO? I have your chair. This baby’s from 1985. I hope it’s what you were looking for.” And this is what that beefy man brought me:IMG-20110518-00249

HIDEOUS! It was worse than my current chair! Luckily, he was hiding a brand new chair behind the partition and I actually did get a new one. We all got a good laugh out of the dusty, old chair that I thought I was getting. Later on, I received my resolved incident report email from James:incidentreport2

Stay tuned, because IT friend and I have planned a way to get back at beefy James. It’s going to involved some photoshopping and a message along the lines of, “My partition wall has fallen on me and I can’t get up!” It will be fun.

Do you ever play pranks on people at work? Has your company ever had any fun contests or giveaways? What’s your work environment like?

What are your weekend plans?