Jan 17, 2012

Valentine’s Day Blogger Swap

For some, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with a significant other being all romantical and crap. For others, including me, it is about shoving pink & red colored candies down your throat and rejoicing in your singledom. (I like single – boyfriends get in the way. Literally and physically.)
The past few years that I have been boy-less, I exchanged gifts with girlfriends (Hi Callie, Jenna, Heera!) to celebrate this mushy day of romance. I’m 100% sure that I had more fun and received better presents from these ladies than all of my ex-boyfriends combined. With that said, I thought it would be fun to host a Valentine’s Day Blogger Swap, for both bloggers and readers.
The Plan:
Should you choose to join in on the swap, I will match you up with another blogger/reader to whom you will send a love package by the 14th of February. In return, you will receive a package from a different person. Package content ideas include: candy, snacks, small gifts, trinkets, etc. Be appropriate people. I don’t want to hear about anyone receiving creepy stuff.

What You Need to Do:
Email me: christinaorso @ gmail dot com
Please provide me with your name, address, and some information about yourself. Let me know things I can tell the person who will be sending your goodies. This information can include: your favorite colors, favorites candies, hobbies, interests, etc. If you have a blog, provide me with a link. If you have any allergies, you might want to list those as well. I would imagine we’d each spend around $10-15, but really, it’s up to you. Get creative! Have fun!

You must sign up for this by noon on Monday, January 23rd. You will receive your partner’s information by January 25th. Please be sure to mail out your goodies in time for your partner to receive them on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.
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In love & chocolate,