Jan 30, 2012

Why Do Weekends End?

I just want one more day.

This past weekend was pretty tame and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m starting to prefer nights in. What has become of me? I’m 27 1/2 acting like I’m 54. I say that today, and watch, next weekend I’ll be all over the place again.

Despite my “AARP status”, as my friend Justin called it when I strayed away from the bar scene on Saturday, I had plenty of fun. I read three books, spent time in the sunshine, worked out both days, and ate good food.

READ. I went to the library and did the same thing I always do. I pile as many books in my left arm as I possibly can, browse all the aisles until I’ve had a mini bicep workout, and then decide to check out before my arm falls off. This visit I came home with:

Hmmm. I like food, grammar, and things that are awesome. Shocking. I tore through The Book of Awesome first, then Food Matters (read this!), and then perused the Greek cookbook.

SHOP. A visit to Ann Taylor left me with two purchases:image

That picture doesn’t show it all, so here’s a pic I sent for a friend’s approval:IMAG1659

and this:image

Whoa, mama.

WORK OUT: I revisited this workout.

I completed it 3x as is, then 1x doubling the reps. Doubling the reps makes it so much better of a workout.  I love knowing that I did 100 pushups. My fave.

One of the trainers gave me this bracelet. Hideous colors, but I like representing. :)IMAG1641

EAT: On Sunday, I ate at The Macintosh for the first time. I’ve been there plenty of times for drinks, but never to eat. I have read many excellent reviews, so I suggested to my friend Logan that we go for brunch. For the first time ever, I had rabbit. Yep, you read that right. Little Peter Cottontail was in my gratin dish.

Sweet Potato & Rabbit Hash, Arugula, Poached Eggs 12IMAG1649

I loved every bite and was thankful for the aforementioned pushups.

I also scored a little plate of their homemade pickles from one of the bartenders.IMAG1652

Have I ever mentioned how great their bar staff is? They are wonderful! They’re friendly, creative, and always seem to know a good drink for you. Go see them!

The Macintosh  479 King St.  on Urbanspoon

See you tomorrow with a delicious and super clean recipe!