Sep 9, 2012

I Think You And My Friends Should Hang Out On The Weekends

Bonus points for anyone who recognizes that title from a song…

Friday: Amanda and I got manicures at Studio Nail & Spa in Mt. Pleasant. I like this place a lot because it’s really clean and the employees are really nice. I left my nails painted in OPI’s “Your Web or Mine?”image

That evening we visited Daryl, our favorite server at Hall’s. This man takes good care of us.DSC00355

He gave us a random cookie & strawberry plate. He’s the sweetest!DSC00353

Saturday morning Boding and I got breakfast paninis at Great Harvest. I always get the ham, egg, and Swiss. IMAG3334

Because I now carry around the Sriracha in my purse (not a joke), Boding added some to his sandwich and exclaimed, “Now I get why you put this on everything.”

Later at Target, I found Candy Corn M&Ms. These are SO good. They taste more like cake than candy corn though, which is fine by me. They might be my new favorite, or at least tied with pretzel M&Ms. Get some immediately.IMAG3343

Saturday night a few of us went to a friend’s house before going out. We found what appeared to be a torture chair…

…then were told it was actually an old dentist chair. So yeah, still a torture chair. However, we did have fun posing with it.

We finished up the night with an “Xtina” at The Macintosh. Jackson made this drink up for me a while back. It’s habanero-infused St. Germain, lime juice, agave, and soda water. Sometimes he replaces the St. Germain with ghost pepper-infused tequila, which is just as good.

On Sunday, Boding and I went to Second Sunday on King and ran into our best friend Nikki and her baby. We held him so she could shop, ha!image

Boding wore a diaper bag!!

How cute is Liam?photo (1)

Happy Monday!