Sep 19, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday 9.19.12

Hola mis amigas! (y  mis amigos!)

1. I’m so smitten with this Tinley Road blouse I purchased from Piperlime. I always crush hard on anything from the site. They have the prettiest clothes.tinleyroadtop

2. On Monday, Rachel brought a bag of these Werther’s Caramel Apple hard candies to work . We had just been talking about seasonal treats, and caramel and candy apples came up. These sugar-free candies are holding us over until the real fun can begin.werthers_sugar_free_caramel_apple5

3. I almost lost it when I saw this GIF. It’s SO TRUE!!


4. Visits to Target for “essentials.” I go in for toilet paper, I come out with things I had no idea I “needed.” It’s just ridiculous! Last weekend I chuckled at my purchases: gum, Pretzel M&M’s, Candy Corn M&M’s, and glow necklaces. You just never know when your sweet tooth will kick in…or a dance party.IMAG3376

5. Don’t fear Vegan treats. They are just as sweet, if not sweeter, than the buttery-laden desserts you’re accustomed to. At a recent visit to Puree in Mt. Pleasant, the owner sent me home with two delicious goodies: a chocolate chip cookie and a whoopie pie.IMAG3408

6. After the Super Hero 5k on Saturday, we went to Triangle for brunch. Mary Legare and I both had a really good beer: Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. The Boston Brewery puts out a killer cider beer. It was love at first sip.

7.This picture of Boding and me. I’m so lucky to call him my best friend! We have so much fun together and I’m pumped that at the end of next month we’ll be living together again. DSC_0267