Apr 25, 2011

Easter 2011 Recap


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I spent the day with my family at my aunt Kelly’s house. Each year we have a bunny ear photo shoot. Yes, even at 26 years old, I’m not ashamed to dress up with my little cousins.

We took one normal one:DSC_2724

One kissy one: DSC_2729

And we were lucky enough to get in a very sweet one…DSC_2733

…before somebody, ahem, Zachary, couldn’t take it anymore.DSC_2731

For dinner we feasted on ham,image

mashed potatoes, image

Paula Deen’s sweet potato casserole,image

and my favorite spinach soufflé by Martha Stewart. image

We had a few other sides but I drank too much wine and forgot to take pictures. I am definitely the lush of the family. And I’m okay with that.image

After dinner, I nabbed a some dark chocolate Dove promises my cousins’ baskets. I love the messages inside.image

I also really love this fantastic plastic holiday plate I found in Kelly’s kitchen. I have no idea where this came from but it should be thrown out immediately. She agrees, I’m sure.image

Of course I wore those ears all day. Why wouldn’t I?

Have a great week!