Apr 3, 2011

Recipe for a Scrumptious Life

On the cover of the April issue of Skirt! magazine was a poem I had to share with you guys:

No more sour grapes. Spilt milk? Let it go. Music wherever you go, in your head or on the radio. More than you need, less than you want. Enough silence to hear your conscience. A little grief to keep you grounded. True joy, not the laugh track kind. A doctor your trust with your life, a handyman you trust with your house key, a lover you trust with your heart, a friend you trust with your secrets. A car that behaves as if it’s always under warranty. Long lunches with smart people. A talent for kindness. One pair of expensive shoes for job interviews and rendezvous. Jeans that make you look like a long, tall drink of firewater. A teenager for thinks you’re still cool. The pop! pop! pop! of Champagne corks whenever you make an entrance. S’more of everything!

I increased the font size of the “ingredients” that were most important to me. Which of these are important to you? And what would you add?

I’d add the following:

Warm, soft, gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Hugs from my Grammy.

A lover who teaches me something daily.

A friend who laughs at everything we do.