Apr 1, 2011

Random Friday Tidbits

As of this month, the Oxford English Dictionary now recognizes the words “Nom nom” and “sammich.” Gag. For more words and phrases I can’t stand, see my post Foodie Terms That Make Me Cringe. What words make you cringe?

. . .

I recently read an article on Geek Sugar about a survey on annoying facebook friends. Taken directly from this article, here are the 5 types of annoying facebook users, according to women.

1. The Complainer: The most annoying type of friend, according to 63 percent of participants, is the complainer — someone who gripes about everything that goes wrong in her life and spreads negativity.

2. The Crazy Baby Lady: Fifty-seven percent of respondents say they are friends with at least one baby crazy friend, who posts pics every time her baby drools, smiles, takes a step, or falls asleep. In other words, all the time.

3. The Documentarian: Sixty-five percent of women on Facebook are friends with someone who posts status updates, photos, or videos about everything happening in her life, whether it's interesting or not.

4. The Drama Queen: Sixty-one percent of study respondents are friends with at least one person who turns everything into a crisis.

5. The Poser: Forty percent of participants say they know someone on Facebook who paints a perfect life for herself on the social network, even if it's not reality.

Do you fit into any of these categories? Or do you have any friends that do? I miiiiight fit the description of The Documentarian but only because I post a lot of pictures and have a separate page for my blog. I know some girls who are way worse, but it never bothers me. I also know a lot of Drama Kings. And the crazy baby ladies? You can’t be upset with them, but maybe they should start a blog. :)

. . .

Thank you to all of you who responded to my request for the lurkers to comment! I’m so excited to check out all of your blogs!