Apr 14, 2011

Mustard Seed Dinner with Lucy & Mum, Work Update

I was exhausted after work today, but when my English roomie asked if I’d like to go to Mustard Seed with her  and “mum”, I instantly perked up.

Chef Jonathan sent out 3 mugs of the soup of the day: Mushroom Ginger with carrots and seared tuna. It was loaded with mushrooms! DSC_2619 (1280x853)

As usual, the seafood specials were hard to resist. Lucy ordered the sesame crusted tuna salad with ginger-soy glazed carrot ribbons and cashews. DSC_2625 (1280x853)

I had wasabi pea crusted salmon in a Thai peanut sauce, ginger-soy glazed carrot ribbons, and roasted pepper couscous. Um helloooooooo delicious food. Nice to see you again. DSC_2626 (1280x853)

After two full weeks at Blackbaud, I am in love. I am surrounded by very intelligent, wonderful people and look forward to working with all of them. It’s a great atmosphere and I feel right at home.

My “home” in the office is next to my coworker and mentor, Bess. Here’s a small world story for you: Bess used to live next door to my ex-boyfriend a few years back. I briefly met her over 3 years ago, and we have now reunited! We didn’t even realize it during my interview either. Thanks to facebook’s mutual friend finder, we figured out how we knew each other. Smile

Two silly reasons why I already love this place:

1) The cafeteria has had beets on the salad bar for the past three days. Even though I brought my lunch on Wednesday, I couldn’t resist getting a plate! I can’t tell you how many random people walked by and asked, “Beets? Really?” beets

2) Bess put this sticker on our wall today. At that moment I knew we were meant to be.pickles