Apr 27, 2011

New Gym = New Meat.

As of last week, my membership with Eco Fitness came to an end. As much as I loved Eco, I had to decide whether to sign up for another year, or try East Shore Athletic Club. I made a list of the pros and cons for each gym.



  • Multiple locations. 3 facilities just in Mt. Pleasant and 1 on Daniel Island where I work
  • Lots of group fitness classes, including all the Les Mills Body training systems (Body Pump, Step, Attack, Jam, and Flow) that Erica teaches!
  • Indoor track, racquetball courts, sauna, pool – Eco has none of these
  • $15/month because my apartment complex partners with them
  • Ashley can also go to ESAC with me through her school
  • New gym = new meat


  • I will miss working out with Justin, Joey, Noah, Mike and Troy. Sad smile
  • No more Grimy Wednesday spin class



  • Lots of friends to work out with
  • Brand new equipment


  • $49/month. This is more than 3x what I’d pay at ESAC
  • I’m kind of bored there

The winner?

I will mostly be sad about leaving the friends that I have made, but making new friends will not be a problem. And new hotties? Yep yep.

Besides the Les Mills classes, here are some other classes I’m interested in:

BURN AND FIRM: Burn fat and lengthen muscles faster by fusing short bursts of cardio with strength training, stamina and balance moves that will get your entire body stronger, leaner and more defined.

B.Y.O.B. BRING YOUR OWN BODY is a unique sculpting class using the step, weights, and stability balls.

CARDIO CRAZE: Intervals of your favorite cardio moves that burn lots of calories, shape & tone your muscles and make your heart smile :o) Jump, step, kick, punch, lunge, squat & crunch your way to a new you. For beginners or aerobic superstars, this class has it all!

GUNS & BUNS: Challenge yourself with this heart-pumpin', muscle-blastin', core-crushin' workout. A healthy mixture of cardio resistance training that gives you the pump you need to finish out the week. Suited for all levels.

Guns and Buns!??! Really!? I MUST GO. It sounds intense and works my two favorite muscle groups.

Blog friends: Which is your favorite Les Mills Class?

Charleston friends: Do you go to ESAC? Which location/classes do you like? Will you be my new gym partner in crime, pretty please?