Apr 28, 2011


This week is the second week of my CSA with Pinckney’s Produce. In this week’s bucket I got:

  • collards
  • spinach
  • spring and sweet onions
  • turnips
  • turnip greens
  • a lot of strawberries

For some reason my box didn’t include the scheduled broccoli, mustard greens, or leaf lettuce. There is a “swap box” where you can swap out items with other CSA members, so I exchanged the collards for turnips. I haven’t used my collards from last week and I have a newfound love for turnips.

Tonight I decided to use the spinach and onions to make another batch of Ham and Lentil Soup. This soup and Avgolemono are my absolute favorites.

Yesterday Jamie sent me a clip from the show Parks & Recreation. It reminded her of my post on Foodie Terms That Make Me Cringe. I cannot stop watching this.


I will forever use the term “food rakes.” :)

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