May 1, 2011

Bestie Cookout Version 2.0

Margaret and I had a perfect Spring Saturday. We spent a few hours at Sullivan’s Island basking in the sunny 85 degree weather. It was a perfect beach day, and I even found a starfish!IMG-20110430-00134

While at the beach, we discussed our birthday plans. Margaret’s and my birthday are only 6 days apart (June 24th and 30th, respectively) and we want to celebrate all month long. We decided we’ll go to Destin, Florida the first week of June. Margaret grew up in Destin and her parents still live there, so we’ll stay with them and play on the beach all day. An 8-hour road trip to white sand beaches sounds like the perfect way to start off our birthday month.

After the beach we cooked a feast! While cooking, we sipped on some white wine with some straws I found at Target. DSC_2751 (1280x918)

I had beer chicken for the first time! Margaret gutted a whole chicken, stuffed it with a Coor’s light, and put it on the grill. The steam from the beer makes for a really moist chicken.

Margaret with the chicken’s heart!DSC_2754 (1280x853)DSC_2761 (1280x853)

We finally used the collards from my first CSA bucket. Margaret boiled them with onions, red wine vinegar, and cayenne pepper. DSC_2755 (1280x853)

It was the first time that I actually enjoyed eating them. DSC_2770 (1280x915)

We really love our food. And each other. DSC_2772 (1280x916)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and spent some time outside! Lucy and I brunched at the pool all day and are now headed to the gym and then home to do face masks, manicures, and pedicures!