May 15, 2011

Saturday Faturday.

This past weekend was jam-packed with festivities:

  • Vespa pizza lunch with Rob on Friday
  • Rue de Jean dinner for Lauren’s birthday on Friday night
  • Strawberry picking and Mustard Seed lunch with Justin on Saturday
  • Long Point Grill for family dinner Saturday night
  • Out for beverages and dancing with Mariah
  • Cookout at Lauren’s pool today

I am exhausted. Let’s review Saturday Faturday.

Justin called me to take him to his car that he left at the bar. Smart boy not driving! I told him I’d only take him if he’d go strawberry picking with me. The bribe worked and he ended up having more fun than he probably anticipated. We picked SO MANY STRAWBERRIES.


8.46 pounds to be exact. I think I’m obsessed. holyshit

I was picking at warp speed and got all those in about 20 minutes. I was trying to race Justin but he wasn’t trying to race me. I am competitive about the weirdest things! And now I have a massive amount of strawberries in my fridge. strawbs

All that picking worked up an appetite so we headed to the Mustard Seed for lunch. I had the roasted chicken salad with blue cheese, caramelized pear, in a raspberry port wine dressing. DSC_2863 (1024x683)

Justin had the salad special with was the crab cake salad with a creamy onion dressing. Mustard seed has the best crab cakes!DSC_2864 (1024x683)That evening, I met up with my family at another Dine with Sal restaurant: Long Point Grill. Everyone’s dinners were so so good. I had one of their “fit menu” (under 400 calorie) options: Hong Kong style mahi mahi in a tangerine curry sauce with lots of vegetables.DSC_2869 (1280x853)

Grammy got a manly dinner: braised short ribs in a port wine jus, with boursin-whipped Yukon potatoes, and seared asparagus. DSC_2865 (1024x683)

Kelly’s meal was very interesting – and delicious. She had seared scallops with apple-smoked bacon cream, wilted spinach, and potatoes. DSC_2867 (1024x683)

Dinner was delicious and I had lots of fun hanging out with my adorable cousins.

Gabrielle:DSC_2868 (1024x683)

Zachary, destroying some chocolate cake:DSC_2883 (1280x853)

After dinner, I went downtown to meet up with Mariah for beverages and dancing. Oh, and man hunting. We went to Vendue Rooftop bar because the weather was so nice! Later we went dancing at Trio but there were only creeps there. While we were ordering a drink, a couple of guys asked us if we wanted to go for a late night booze cruise on Shem Creek. At 2 a.m. It sounded like a great way to get murdered, so we politely declined and had our own slumber party. trio

Obviously we had one too many shots, because we both felt the need to “check in” at our “slumber party” at 3 a.m.



I love people’s reactions and unfortunately Mariah’s friend was exactly right. We were in bed next to each other updating our statuses, liking them, and commenting on them. Is this normal?! Noooooooooooooooooo. Was it hilarious to us? Yessssssssssssss.

What are some of the things that you and your friends do that you know is just weird but you love it anyway?