May 26, 2011

Sometimes I Just Want To Be Random

Like in this post!

When I got home from work today, Lucy asked me if I was going to the gym. I (too) quickly responded, “NOPE! I’m skipping it!” I said it in the voice of a 15-year-old who would rather go shopping than to class. I love the feeling that exercise gives me, but at that moment, all I wanted to do was spend some time with Lucy! She has been such a wonderful friend to me and we’ve gotten so close over the past few months. She decided to skip the gym with me and we discussed what we wanted to do for dinner.

We thought. And thought. And thought. Nothing sounded good…except frozen yogurt! Yep, not only did we skip the gym, but we jumped in her Bug with the top down and cruised straight to Menchie’s.

Unfortunately once we got there, there weren’t a ton of flavors that excited me. I got a pathetic portion of peanut butter, thin mint chocolate, and country vanilla fro yo topped with heath bar bits. DSC_3031 (1280x853)

Lucy got raspberry sorbet topped with blueberry and mochi.DSC_3033 (1280x853)

After our treat, we went to Whole Foods for wine. Check out this Australian bottle I found:woopwoop

Now that sounds like a party in a bottle. Woop woop! Am I the only one who still says that? Probably.

I also saw a very exciting new Ben & Jerry’s flavor:IMG-20110525-00269

I almost peed my pants with excitement until I saw the calories per serving. Seeing as I just had froyo, I restrained myself from buying this and eating it in the parking lot. Trust me, I would have.

A couple hours later I found myself hungry for a real meal. I figured that the frozen yogurt wouldn’t actually fill me up, so I ended up swapping my dessert and dinner times. Dinner consisted of Tandoori flavored rotisserie chicken (purchased from WF), black beans, and some zucchini and squash from Tuesday’s CSA box.DSC_3034 (1280x853)

Do you ever have dessert for dinner and then find yourself eating dinner anyway?

To end this post, I thought I’d share a Bits of Truth quotes that made me happy today:

Live more! Smile more! Laugh more! We are surrounded by beautiful things. Embrace them. Be kind to everyone.

Eat your damn fro yo.