May 16, 2011

Strawberries Are Taking Over My Life. And maybe Guy Fieri too.

…along with beets, pickles, Chick-fil-A, alcohol. I have too many obsessions.

With the first batch of strawberries, I made Lauren an angel food cake for her “4th anniversary of her 25th birthday.” I used Alton Brown’s recipe and it came out so light and moist. Angel Food cake is awesome because you can top it with anything you want and it’s fat-free!

I made the cake on Friday night and as I was walking out the door to dinner, I spilled strawberry juice all over my white shorts. I then turned around, put on a new pair of white shorts and drove downtown. I parked, picked up the bag her cake was in, and strawberries then leaked all over my shirt. I wanted to scream, but I thought, this is life, just go with it. So, in these pictures, you will see a lovely spot on the front of my shirt and my bra hanging out. I = the epitome of class. HELP!

DSC_1697Please note her “25” candles. Winking smileDSC_1702

After dinner, we went to Midtown for dancing and drinks.230368_10150241023302442_621507441_8578785_4116344_n

And shots. This is one of my favorite photos of the night because of Jenny. She obviously didn’t care that we were taking a picture – she just wanted her damn shot. Nothing wrong with that.228033_10150241020442442_621507441_8578734_7827575_n

Tonight, Lucy and I made Chelsey’s Talkin’ Crack Bars. These bars are awesome because they contain only natural sugars and are low in fat! They are also deeeeeeeeelicious. We are currently eating them warm, but we can’t wait until they cool down so we can try them again. DSC_2909 (1280x914)

These bars could have easily been the best part of my day, but I got an exciting phone call from my friend Joey today. Joey (Joe Girard) is the afternoon DJ for 95sx and occasionally he gets tickets to Charleston events. He was lucky enough to get tickets to see Guy Fieri at the Performing Arts Center and invited me to go along with him! I practically squealed when he told me. The performance will include interactive cooking stations, secrets tips and dishes from his new book and stories from the road.

If I meet him, can I ask him if I can touch his hair?

I will probably be star struck if I meet him….or at least spill something all over myself. Because, clearly, that is what I do.