May 22, 2011

Weekend Recap: Baseball, Berries, Blogger Meet Up!

Friday: Courtesy of Blackbaud, I got box tickets to the Riverdogs baseball game. I invited some fabulous lady friends to go with me and we had a great time! Here we are with the mascot and a fellow Blackbaud employee. DSC_2989

Friday night games at the Joe Riley stadium have fireworks! Lucy and I both admitted to being afraid of them. Smile Fireworks: love ‘em or hate ‘em?DSC_2992

After the game, Mariah and I went to Chai’s (bleh, this place sucks now), Midtown to scope out boys (there were none) and Trio to dance. It was our 2nd weekend in a row at Trio and our calves and feet were killing us this morning! At least I didn’t sprain my foot again.

Saturday: Mariah and I woke up starving – dancing revs your metabolism, no? We grabbed some lunch at Village Bakery and then went strawberry picking. Yep, I’m addicted to local strawberries. This time I only got 4 lbs. – the crops are definitely at the end of their season. Blackberries and blueberries are next! After picking, we spent a couple hours lounging by the pool in the awesome 87 degree weather. Such a perfect day!

Sunday: This morning I met up with Sarah from Charm of Charleston. Sarah hails from New York and I love reading her posts about adjusting to the South. One of my favorite things about her blog is the “Southern Thesaurus” where she writes about different Southern words that she hears. (Example: shopping cart vs. buggy) She has only lived here less than a year, but is adjusting quite well. I was super excited to meet her after talking about a meet up for a couple of months!


I had a great time chatting with her and hope we’ll meet up again soon! You should definitely check out her blog to learn more about her adventures in Charleston…I guarantee she’ll make you want to visit! And then you can come hang out with both of us. :)

How was your weekend? Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! I am off to do some shopping, and this evening I’m going to dinner at High Cotton for the first time – yay!