May 8, 2011

How to Properly Eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Remember when my little cousin Zachary showed us how to eat a cupcake?  (Quite possibly one of the funniest posts, btw.) Well, the boy is back. Here’s how Zachary eats a cookie!

Step 1: Smile for the camera and show us that you came prepared with milk.DSC_1495 (1280x853)

Step 2: Take a little sample. You may not be sure if these were one of Grammy’s specialties or the dreaded pre-made cookie dough.DSC_1500 (1280x917)

Step 3: Smile when you are sure that these have been made by the master herself!DSC_1498 (1280x853)

Step 4: Go back for a second bite. Enjoy every second.DSC_1501 (1280x917)

Step 5: Go ahead, close your eyes and moan a little. This is so much better than a vegetable.CSC_1505 (1280x853)

Step 6: Ask mom if you can have six. Pretty please?DSC_1496 (1280x853)

Step 7: Freak out when she tells you no, that you’ll get sick!DSC_1493 (1280x853)

And now that you’re on a sugar rush, go ahead and chase your sister around with a balloon! image