May 10, 2011

Frickles Are Everywhere!

I’ve always loved pickles, especially the ones from Chick-fil-Aimage

but I never thought that I’d be obsessed enough to actually make pickle juice popsickles, aka picksickles. Then I did. By the way, your responses from that post were hilarious. Thank you.

And then came the fried pickles at Leaf.

I started thinking about where else might serve frickles, because I really needed more in my life. My new friend Jessica agreed that we should start a mission to find the best fried pickles in town. I consulted my other pickle-obsessed friend Megan (whose blog is appropriately titled Fried Green Pickles) and my facebook friends. I was overwhelmed by the responses. So far, we have come up with 20 different restaurants that serve frickles:

  • Boulevard Diner –  fried dill pickles, honey mustard sauce…$5
  • Brick – beer battered and fried pickles with ranch, roasted jalapenos, or our “special sauce.”
  • Cinebarre -  “Big Lebowskies” – hand battered pickle chips fried golden and served with a side of ranch…$8
  • Fat Hen 
  • Finz Bar – dill pickle slices lightly battered and served with Southwestern dipping sauce…$7.99
  • Grindz Burgers and Brew - A basket of thick cut garlic pickles marinated in buttermilk & fried golden brown, served with our spicy ranch dressing
  • Hooter's – lightly breaded sliced pickles.
  • Husk - Fried Bread and Butter Pickles with Tarragon Cream…$6
  • Kickin Chicken - Lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown. Served with ranch dressing...$4.99
  • McCrady's
  • Midtown Bar & Grill 
  • Mustard Seed
  • Petticoat's
  • Poe's 
  • Sesame
  • Skibo's
  • Southend Brewery
  • Sweetwater Café – dill pickle spears hand breaded and fried to a golden brown, served with our house-made tangy horseradish sauce
  • The Griffon – served with dipping sauce…$5.50
  • Virginia's on King - cornmeal batter with spicy remoulade…$5

The best response was from Jonathan, the chef at Mustard Seed.image

So, we have a lot of work to do. Er, a lot of frickles to eat. Jess, Bess, and Margaret have all volunteered to help taste test and anyone else interested in this frickle-eating extravaganza should let me know when and where they’d like to go. The mission starts tomorrow night at Cinebarre – a bunch of us girls are going to see Something Borrowed. Can’t wait!!

Have you ever eaten frickles? From where? And with what were they served?

And more importantly, what kind of rating system should I use? What things should I look for?