May 9, 2011

Weekend Update: A 3 Day Bender

On Thursday evening, Amanda had a few of us over for a fiesta! She and her mom made two types of margarita mixes, sangria, and a bunch of food. The sangria recipe she used was from the Dos Caminos cookbook she got in NYC. For the recipe, visit her blog post where she did a sneak peak on the sangria. DSC_2790 (1024x683)

Amanda did a wonderful job decorating with flags, Mexican men posters, and moustaches. Here are Jordan and Lauren rocking the staches. Sexy. DSC_2789 (1024x732)

Lauren and my save the date style photograph with our men:DSC_2794 (1024x731)

Mary in her adorable Spring outfit!DSC_2798 (683x1024)

Kira, our vegetarian friend,  brought “fake meat” for her tacos. Jordan and I had to sample it. We were skeptical…DSC_2801 (1024x683)

but it actually tasted pretty good! I think she said it was by Morningstar.DSC_2802 (1024x731)

On Friday night, Amanda, Mary and I met up with some other girls for dinner at Leaf, a new restaurant in the old Vickery’s. I love love love this place. It is so pretty inside and I loved the atmosphere.There were so many good looking items on the menu, but I opted for two appetizers because I simply could not resist them.



I told our server that I knew this was a disgusting combination of food, but as they are two of my favorites, I needed them. With champagne, please. He was very sweet and even let me pop my bottle myself. And did not judge! I will be back.

Leaf on Urbanspoon

And if you’re gagging at my combo, gag some more. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.

Exhibit A, May 4th, 2011: snack from my work cafeteria:IMG-20110504-00152

I am grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. What’s the grossest food combo you love?

On Saturday, I went on the boat with some boy friends. Note the space between those two words. Look at this pasty white boy! I’ll update you on his skin tone in June; he should have some color by then.pastywhiteboy

It was a beautiful day! ilovecharleston

Later that night we all had a cookout then went to the bar. I spotted this drunk dude dancing outside of the bar. Hot shirt! dancer

Hope everyone has a great week!