May 2, 2011

You May Think I Am Disgusting For This.

…and that is okay, because I think I’m disgusting for this too.

I mentioned the other day that my new coworker loves pickles as much as I do. One morning last week, she was telling me how she couldn’t find her coffee mug before work and had to take her coffee to work in something else.

She grabbed and filled an empty pickle jar. With her coffee. Now that is what I call recycling in style.IMG-20110426-00096

Later that afternoon, she told me she had a surprise for me. A pickle snack for us!IMG-20110426-00098

While chomping away on our afternoon snack, we started perusing the Mt. Olive website. Not only did we find out that they were having a pickle festival in NC that weekend, but that there is a part of the site dedicated to pickle recipes. I immediately clicked the “dessert” category, but alas, there were no recipes. Elizabeth declared that we could surely come up with a recipe and within five minutes she had one. Pickle juice popsicles.

Now most people would laugh that off, or maybe even vomit, but I thought it was a genius idea.  As soon as I got off work I drove to Target to buy popsicle molds. Lucy came home just as I started making them and needless to say, she was confused.

I chopped up a pickle into small bits,DSC_2758

tossed them into the molds and poured in some pickle juice.DSC_2763

Once the molds were in place,DSC_2762

I stuck them in the freezer to be ready for the next day.DSC_2766

At work the next morning, I surprised Bess with the popsicles. We were so excited to try them, despite our fears that we might smell for the rest of the day. The verdict? They were SOUR. So sour. But goooood. Wando-20110427-00117

And few hours later, I messaged my friend Lauren asking her how she felt about pickle popsicles. She wanted one too, so I brought her one. And she liked it!

I can’t believe I was actually in an elevator and walking down the hall carrying this. Can I get a shame filter?Wando-20110427-00118

Would you ever eat a pickle juice popsicle? What’s your favorite popsicle flavor?

Can we call these picksicles?