May 13, 2011

Things That Make Me A Happy Girl

-Signing up on the Mt. Olive website gets you an official letter and coupon! haha. Why they put it on a stretchy band, I’m not sure. Guess they think I might use it to pull up my hair…DSC_2823

…which I can do now! This is the longest my hair has been in 3 years! Woop!toolong

-My new desktop background at work. Pervin'!.background

-The new way to share almonds with your cube neighbor. almonds

-Speaking of coworkers, my awesome cube mate brought me in dark chocolate covered strawbs!strawbs

-And speaking of chocolate, these Dove promises quotes make me happy. This one’s a bit risqué! dove

–This month’s quote in my Lilly Pulitzer planner really spoke to me…queenofgreen

…and speaking of Lilly, I found her cookies at Publix. That bitch makes everything!lillycookies

…and speaking of junk food, I got my free salted caramel chocolate cupcake during Power Hour at Cupcake yesterday! Definitely one of their best flavors.DSC_2830 (1024x731)

But do you know what makes me the happiest of all!?


What makes you happy lately?