May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Woah. MDW was the most random weekend of my life.

Friday: After we all got off work, Mariah, Lucy and I went to the new TCBY in Town Center for some frozen yogurt. DSC_3048 (1280x914)The inside is full of neon colors – my favorite! It’s very clean and modern. DSC_3044 (1280x829)
I kind of want these chairs in my kitchen. Don’t you? Okay, maybe not.DSC_3045 (1280x853)I got a strange combination of watermelon sorbet, original tart yogurt, and peanut butter yogurt topped with cookie dough balls and heath bar bits. I am in l-o-v-e with the watermelon sorbet. I was not impressed with the frozen yogurt flavors at all. DSC_3041 (1280x915)Lucy got grapefruit sorbet with mango, mochi, and coconut. She was very happy with the sorbet.DSC_3042 (1280x914)I can’t remember which flavors Mariah got – maybe that’s strawberry and peanut butter? You can see she likes a good topping to froyo ratio. :)DSC_3043 (1280x914)Clearly we destroyed our dessert. Overall, I have to say that TCBY has nothing on Menchie’s. I would definitely go back if I’m in the mood for sorbet because the 4 flavors they had that night were delicious. The frozen yogurt barely didn’t have much flavor though. Menchie’s wins in my book.DSC_3046 (1280x853)

Saturday: Saturday was the most relaxing day of the weekend. Mariah and I woke up late, lounged by the pool, then each went on dates. We may or may not have planned our dates according to each other’s schedules.

Sunday: Beach day! Mariah, Lucy, and I met a bunch of friends at Sullivan’s Island for a few hours. On the way to the beach we stopped at the store for snacks and I found the most exciting thing ever:


Thank goodness both Amanda and Jess were also at the beach, because I could not have enjoyed this without my frickle tasting buddies! For the record, they were actually good and the juice was ridiculously sour. I am unsure whether the guys on the beach thought we were a)disgusting or b)disgusting.

Monday: Well, today I shot my first hand gun. I shot a rifle and a shotgun last fall, but this was my first time holding such a tiny little weapon.

I’m not aiming, I’m winking at you. Winking smile

Tiny but LOUD. Even with earplugs it’s quite the bang bang. Literally.247553_10150629376960224_796600223_19127877_206765_n

The first time I shot it, I almost peed my shorts. My palms were sweating profusely--I just didn’t know what to expect. After 10ish times, I felt less nervous. It was nuts. I was able to shoot a plastic bottle though! I was shocked because honestly, I need glasses so badly.

And this picture just makes me wonder if I need to start wearing a higher sunscreen. If I’m brown now, what am I going to look like after Margaret and I go to Destin? 250448_10150629368875224_796600223_19127772_5201517_n After that, we grabbed some lunch at Jack’s Cosmic Dogs. DSC_3083 (1280x914)
It’s a cute little shack far down off 17 with hot dogs, fries, ice cream, and shakes. DSC_3084 (1280x914)
I had a hot dog with spicy mustard, sauerkraut, and a pickle. I also doused it with ketchup.DSC_3086 (1280x853)

Jack's Cosmic Dogs on Urbanspoon

After lunch, we all went to the beach for a couple hours. Mariah and I wore fancy Memorial Day sunglasses. Thanks for the day off, Veterans!247630_952207741018_12707448_44851191_2275616_n

Somehow after all of this, I still made it to the gym. Too much boozing over the weekend = sweaty hot mess after running 3.5 miles. It felt so good to sweat out my weekend. I am exhausted.

What was the highlight of your weekend? I’m grateful that I got to spend so much time with my friends! The pickles in a bag might have been my favorite part of the weekend.

Woohoo for a 4-day week! I only have to work 1 1/2 days, then Margaret and I are off to Destin!!