Apr 30, 2012

New, Fun Food Finds!

Here are a some new foods I’ve discovered either on websites, in stores, or through friends.

1. Riceworks Tangy BBQ rice crisps.image

I’ve had the Salsa Fresca flavor and they were so good. I’d like to try these next.

2. How much do you love the brand name Cookiehead? I saw these at La Guardia airport. Must find here!

3. These granola bars in the dairy section of the grocery store and as a bit confused. Apparently they contain real milk in them. They come in Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Mixed Berry, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

4. Weren’t SnackWell’s products all the rage in the 90s? Their slogan is “Be Bad. Snack Well.” Interesting, huh? I’m curious about Mint Fudge Shortbread cookies.

5. Jello S’mores pudding. What!

6. My friend Lauren told me about these beet chips. Holy cow.

They also make apple snacks.

7. Some like it hot, hot, hot!

8. I see VitaTops on blogs a lot. Are they actually good or are you guys tricking yourselves?

9. These were spotted at Whole Foods. The bars contain ONLY fruit.

10. These Pure Bars look really good and come in a ton of flavors: chocolate brownie, cranberry orange, apple cinnamon, cherry cashew, wild blueberry, and dark chocolate berry.

Which ones have you seen or tried?