Apr 18, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. My friend Steven and I went back to Boone Hall Farms for more strawberry picking. It was kind of funny to see how differently we picked. He stayed in a small area, exhausting his resources, while I walked up and down many different rows. I wonder if this has to do with being male vs. female or being focused vs. unfocused. What do you think? Either way, I caught a ladybug while picking. They’re good luck!IMAG2182

2. Since its opening two weeks ago, I’ve been to Sesame twice. I’m in love! I went with Annabel last weekend, and we split a few different things. The Southwestern Salad  was really fresh, but the dressing made it.

Romaine, chargrilled chicken, roasted corn, black beans, tomato,  and grated cheddar with a chipotle vinaigrette:IMAG2158

We also shared sliders.

  • Italian – blue cheese and fresh basil
  • Southwestern – guacamole, chipotle sour cream
  • Memphis – housemade peanut butter, bacon & banana slices


The Italian was my favorite. The Southwestern was okay. The Memphis was a dessert burger. Different, very different. So far, the Napa Valley (fig & bacon jam, blue cheese, red wine reduction) is my favorite.

3. Pure Barre is kicking my behind and I love it. Since April 1, I’ve completed 15 classes. But I have a confession. Before PB, I never worked on my abs. In each class, we do at least 7 minutes of ab work. 7 minutes x 6 classes per week = 42 minutes of abs that I wasn’t doing before. I see a change!! It’s awesome. PB LOVE!

4. I was laughing hysterically alone in my kitchen while making this. theLuckyOne

Yes, that is Zac Efron. Yes, it appears that we are about to kiss. I LOVE IT. Not only is it my new desktop background, but it’s also my facebook profile picture. I just wish I could send it to him so he could see how cute we are together. Crazy?

5. My favorite tweet today:image

Who knew this existed? I did not.

Runner up:image

Every girl on planet earth can relate to this.

What are your favorite burger toppings?

What body part is your least favorite to work on?

Who is your celebrity crush?