Jun 5, 2011

Destin Days 2 & 3

Friday: Boat Day! Margaret and I, along with her brother and sister, took the family’s boat out to Crab Island. There were a ton of boats, but believe me when I say that we didn’t go unnoticed. How the heck would we wearing these ridiculous headbands? Oh, and matching bikinis. We didn’t purposely both pack them, but when we found out that we had, we couldn’t resist wearing them together! Dorks.Fort Walton Beach-20110603-00327

Look how clear the water is!IMG_5046

While on the water, we spotted quite the fancy party boat. We soooooooortaaaaaa kinda wanted to be sunbathing on the roof of that thing.IMG_5048

I also spotted a lime green boat!boats

And a pretty all white house.IMG_5050

After a couple hours in the sun, we met Mama Maclin at Dewey Destin’s, a seafood restaurant on the water. We shared the smoked tuna dip appetizer. It was surprisingly light on the mayo – thank goodness! It was delicious.IMG_5051

I had the grilled mahi basket with corn, potatoes, and coleslaw. I really liked how the seafood was simple but full of flavor. No nonsense in messing with fresh fish!IMG_5053

After such a light meal, we did something really naughty. We celebrated National Doughnut Day!! I still can’t believe we did this. Krispy Kreme was handing out free doughnuts all day long. Margaret’s little sister insisted that we get some and we didn’t argue. Mama Maclin even asked if we could have hats. As if we needed more crap to put on our heads…IMG_5054

Saturday: Pool Day! On our last day, we felt like being lazy by the pool. It was soso hot. The temperature raised to well over 100*. I liked it.IMG-20110604-00331

That afternoon, we four girls got pedicures. It had been too long since I had gotten one, and all the dancing at Trio had caught up with me…er, my feet? I got an orangey color that was strangely similar to that of a persimmon. I hate feet and I also hate that I’m putting a FOOT on my blog, but whatever, I hope you’ll love me anyway. Pretty please?IMG-20110605-00375

Next, we did a bit more shopping. I picked up this cute summer dress from Forever 21:

I also fell in L-O-V-E with one of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers perfumes at Sephora. Meet “G of the Sea.” This limited edition summer scent is “a citrusy woody floral with hints of crisp apple, magical water lily, and the sweet surge of crushed berries.” Mmmmmmmmmm. I might have to buy this.

Saturday evening, Margaret and I went to Baytown for dancing and drinks. We snapped a Blackberry photo and somehow a dude managed to creep in the back! Ha.Freeport-20110605-00372(1) 

We drove the 8 hours home today and I’ve been slowly settling in. I love vacations, but I always love coming back to my bed. Hope you all had a great weekend!!