Jun 29, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday Version 3.0

Shoot, this type of blog post is addicting!

1. This new nail polish my roommate showed me: Smooth Sailing by Essie.

2. These cards I saw at Barnes & Noble. I wish I could remember who made them. Anyone know? They crack me up. IMG00546-20110314-1343


3. This pink net I found at Target. Butterfly net or...man catcher?IMG00405-20110215-0828

4. The fact that within 24 hours of changing my profile picture to this…DSC_0042

Five people asked if I had a boyfriend. Say what! People love jumping to Facebook conclusions. Matt is just my bestie.

5. Lauren sent me pickle chips from her hometown!IMAG0096

6. This tweet that Sean just sent me. I hope this means snacks tomorrow!tweet

7. Tomorrow is my birthday!! I’m having dinner with a bunch of close girlfriends and I’m so excited!