Nov 27, 2012


Inspired by my fellow Charleston blogger, Katie

Listening to: Diamonds by Rihanna. Loving it.

Eating: Besides Christmas cookies? Pho. Danielle (my pho-ever friend) and I have had it 3x times in the past week. This is the Tom Yum Kung from Mi Xao, our favorite spot in Mt. Pleasant.

Drinking: The Blue Edition by Red Bull. Get excited for the new flavors.

Feeling: Energetic, probably due to the aforementioned beverage.

Weather: Sunny and 61*. It’s so cold at night though! I’m pathetic in the winter.

Needing: A massage. Or 20. I hurt my leg during a 6 mile run on Sunday. :(

Wanting: To put up the Christmas tree! I think Boding and I are doing that tonight. There WILL be Chick-fil-A ornaments on it, don’t you worry.

Thinking: I should really clean out my purse. It is madness inside that bag!

Enjoying: All of the holiday decorations around town, the seasonal treats, and the Christmas movies that I’m DVR-ing this week.

Making me laugh: Kaye cracks me up. I love her. One day I’ll explain why there is a banana next to her (1)

Looking forward to: Only 3 more sleeps until the weekend!

  • Friday – I’m off work, getting my hair chopped, and then seeing Wild Club.
  • Saturday – Annabel’s birthday dinner
  • Sunday – 7 mile run with Amanda then…you tell me.

What are you doing now?! I want to know everything.