Nov 6, 2011

Tips For A Perfect Weekend

1. Have a laid-back Friday night with a friend. Don’t consume any alcohol, but do ridiculous things anyway. Deep belly laughs are good for the soul. Because you won’t be drinking, you’ll be saving calories. Why not consume a huge bowl of cookie dough instead? Devil headband optional – you don’t want stray hairs in your bowl.8c27e1d3072749a0e5a2803f22ee9de5318edf0b

2. Try on obnoxious, cheap clothing at Target. Spend 30 minutes just in the hat section. Don’t leave Target without spending at least $50 and walk out wondering how it all happened.296628_586218223995_217402462_32221102_1581120767_n381887_586217874695_217402462_32221099_357162559_n374009_586225070275_217402462_32221129_1677172187_n

3. Next, go to Barnes & Noble and get your learn on. By that I mean read books on topics that are very important to you.392749_586224920575_217402462_32221127_709254550_n

Get really comfortable on the floor. Own the place.

4. Go to bed at a decent hour. Sleep in as much as you want, eat a healthy breakfast, then head to the gym. Do a killer workout with a friend who motivates you.image

5. Grab lunch with a friend at a new restaurant. Order an appetizer and two entrees and split everything.

Fried pickle slices:DSC_0833 (1024x731)

Grilled chicken, creamy French brie & prosciutto, green apple, arugula, fig-balsamic drizzle on ciabatta:DSC_0836 (1024x731)

Mediterranean lamb burger with goat cheese, creamy cumin-dill dressing, romaine, tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber, carrot:DSC_0839 (1024x673)

Eurasia Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

6. Do some shopping. Try on more ugly clothing just for the laughs. All this laughing is creating a six pack.


7. Put your prettiest clothes on and go out with a few girlfriends. Dance, dance, and dance some more. Hey, you’re burning calories again!DSC_0840 (1024x730)

8. Sleep in on Sunday and watch really bad movies. This is the day of rest after all. Winking smile

What are your tips for a perfect weekend?