Nov 9, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. On Monday, my very first printed article hit the stands. Featured in the Going Out section of Mount Pleasant Magazine, you will find my article on wine tasting. I can look at my blog all day long on the computer, but to finally have something in print is so exciting! article

My favorite part is my shameless single girl plug in the contributors section. You just never know who might get their hands on this. Winking smileIMAG0887

Here is a link to the online edition:

*Locals can pick up a copy at the Mount Pleasant Harris Teeters, Piggly Wigglys, Whole Foods, Triangle Char & Bar, The Shoe Fairy, Mary Mojo Boutique, Village Library, Metto Coffee, Mount Pleasant Visitors’ Center, Salon Capelli, T-Mobile (1036 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.), Boulevard Diner, Great Clips on Coleman Boulevard, On The Run, and High Thyme Cuisine on Sullivan’s Island.

2. While at the library yesterday, I noticed this book. I was cracking up in the aisle by myself. I mean really, I feel like the library is so conservative, but clearly not.


In case you missed this hilarious post, I’ve previously posed with this gem. It was a joke…kind of…thegame

If you’re my facebook friend (which you should be), you will appreciate my current profile picture, which is very similar to the one above. But better.

3. Ashley informed me that one of my favorite beverages, Vitamin Water in XXX zero flavor is actually an excellent hangover cure. It’s chock full of Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, and B12, manganese and electrolytes. Electrolytes help replenish the fluids the alcohol stole from you and vitamins are just wonderful, obvi. Plus, the name XXX always makes me think of my nickname Xtina.IMAG0892

4. My friend Eric, a food critic for the Charleston City Paper, has dared me to do the cinnamon challenge. Although I told him I put cinnamon on everything, he doubts my ability to choke down a full tablespoon. I will vlog this. Get ready!

5. You should also get ready for a chocolatey giveaway tomorrow! Stay tuned…