Nov 8, 2011

Chocolate For Motivation?

Reasons some people go to the gym:

  • to maintain a good physique
  • to lower cholesterol/blood pressure
  • to lose weight

Reasons I go to the gym:

  • for my health
  • to stare at men pumping iron
  • to increase my baby muscles
  • to eat more

Thank goodness I actually love working out, because I eat constantly. Not ashamed. It’s all about the balance and the idea behind my blog name.

I am a huge fan of candy, chocolate, cookies, cake – all things sweet. I find no problem with eating it right before the gym either. I have found that not only does it motivate me to work out harder, but the sugar gives me a little energy pump. Most of you are probably thinking I am an idiot for this, but I don’t care. It works for me, so any haters can shove it.

Last weekend I tweeted a picture of cookie dough to Sierra right before I left for the gym. Amy responded in agreement:image

I mean, I am going to eat the junk anyway, I might as well use it as a motivator right??

When I got to the gym today, I noticed that J.D. (one of the personal trainers) had a huge chocolate bar. IMAG0911

I was psyched that he offered me a piece until I realized it was 100% cacao. EW NASTY EW.IMAG0914

I didn’t even finish that small piece. (Who am I?) Instead, I pranced into one of the rooms to do this killer workout.

Instead of completing this 5 times, I did it twice, doubling the reps, and once more the regular way. Doubling the reps gets your heart going much, much faster, and you are better able to concentrate on the quality of each move rather than rushing through a few reps at a time. Let me know if you try this out, and if you prefer doubling the reps or doing the workout as is. Smile

What are your top reasons for working out?

Please tell me that one is so you can eat more…pretty please?