Nov 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Midnight Showing

Last night was the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part I! Around 9 p.m., a few of us girls met up to head over to Cinebarre where they were having a pre-show party. They had tents set up with people serving food, handing out free glow-in-the-dark fangs, holding giveaways, and doing fortune readings! We got there pretty early to get a spot close to the front and center. image

As soon as we got our fangs, we popped them in our mouths for photos. Sorry if these pictures disturb you – they disturb me too.

Amanda and me:IMAG0977

Mary and me:IMAG0981

It was so cold outside. Like in the 40s I think! Haha. We are not used to these arctic temps in the South.IMAG0988

Mary and I ventured over to the fortune teller. Mary said her reading was very accurate.IMAG0990

I thought my reading was just wacky. The only part that seemed true was when she said that I am typically aggressive and confrontational, haha. She then said that as I get older, I will become more feminine and less aggressive. WHAT?? I asked her if she was drinking a beer and she said no.image

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the Breaking Dawn Trailer. It would give me chills every time I saw it on t.v.!

Once the movie came on, it was much easier to forget about how cold we were. I don’t want to give away any details, but  will say that I enjoyed the movie a lot! It was definitely my favorite of them all. There were a few comical parts, and only one very cheesy part. I actually got scared during the birthing and transformation scenes. Totally creepy…

Did you see Breaking Dawn Part: I last night? Or are you going this weekend? Let me know what you think!