Feb 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. Chobani's new Passion Fruit 2% Greek yogurt.
 I wasn't too sure I'd like this flavor, but my friend Hannah told me it was her new favorite flavor, I was convinced to try it. It's a delight! At first bite, I felt like I was in Hawaii. So tropical!
I must admit, I have also tried the Apple Cinnamon and wasn't impressed. I thought it was a bit artificial tasting, and would have rather added my own cinnamon and apple slices. The bits of fruit at the bottom do add a nice texture though. Blood Orange is my next to try -- Publix has been sold out for weeks!

2. I found these shoes at the TJ Maxx in Mount Pleasant. This is actually a 2 for 1 deal. Shoes + a weapon in one! I did not buy them, but I imagine I'd never get mugged in them. Who would mess with anyone wearing these puppies?

3. While at the gym last night, I received this text from my roommate who was planning on roasting a whole chicken.
I nearly peed my pants laughing. She admits she is no chef and even said I could post that on my blog. It just made me chuckle. We were all there once!

3. I have a new favorite food product: Sabra's Jalapeno Hummus. 
Just like all flavors of Sabra's hummus, the Jalapeno  is creamy but with just the right amount of heat. Be careful not to scoop too much of the jalapeno pieces in one bite though. I did that at lunch today and my eyes teared up. I also love their Supremely Spicy and Roasted Garlic flavors.

4. More funny tweets.

5.  TCBY is getting...

Finally! Scheduled to appear in stores in April, the "Super Fro-Yo" will have a creamier texture, be higher protein, and contain fewer carbs. TCBY will be the first national frozen yogurt chain to launch Greek frozen yogurt. Who's excited?

6.The Lost Wife.
I'm always super busy, so to finish a book in 4 days means that I couldn't put it down. It grabbed my attention from the first page and held onto it until the very end. The story is heart-breaking yet has an ending that comes together in a way I wasn't expecting. I admit, I cried at the end because it was so beautiful how everything turned out. I re-read the final chapter because I couldn't believe a book was making me cry. I kept thinking I might have read something wrong! :) Seriously though, check this book out or download it to your e-reader immediately.

7. Upcoming events:
  • The Vow comes out on Friday
  • I'm having lunch with the beautiful Caroline on Saturday
  • Gnocchi making class with Holly & Trish on Monday
  • NYC on Friday! 9 days! Eeeeeeeeeeh!