May 18, 2012

The Friday Five–5/17/12

1. What I’m Eating: Okay. So we all know that I love Chick-fil-A. But here’s something I’ve never shared. My absolute favorite part of the IceDream is the last bite of the cone. Here’s the thing: you HAVE to make sure that enough ice cream has melted into the bottom of the cone before you eat it. Who knows what I’m talking about? IMAG2409

This last bite is more exciting than the cone itself. I cannot even express how much joy I get out of it.

2. What I’ m Laughing at: My cousin! At lunch the other day, his quesadilla arrived with a garnish on the plate. He scowled at it and asked me if I wanted his “salad.” IMAG2421

3. What I’m Sipping: This wine!

I picked up a bottle at Trader Joe’s because it was a staff favorite. While in line, the cashier mentioned that it was his favorite, so I quickly grabbed another bottle. We finished off both bottles at book club tonight. It is GOOD!

4. What I’m Bookmarking: This shrimp & zucchini curry recipe looks absolutely delicious.

5. What I’m Listening to: After listening to the entire cd multiple times, I’ve decided that my favorite song on Born to Die is Diet Mt. Dew.

Are you a Lana del Rey fan? Yes, she’s awkward. But she’s pretty and she has a beautiful voice! Which song is your favorite?

Have a great weekend!