May 23, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. Last Thursday, the Book Club girls met at my house to discuss Fifty Shades of Grey. Aside from discussion questions, I learned more about them than I anticipated. (We sort of played Never Have I Ever.) Pretty funny. Today we decided on our second book:

Another love story? Apparently! I wonder if it will pale in comparison to the raciness that is Fifty Shades…

2. My cousin is the cutest little nugget. When his quesadilla arrived at lunch, it was accompanied by a garnish of lettuce. He took one look at it and promptly asked me, “Teetee, do you want my salad?”IMAG2421

3. Rachel and I like to blame Blackbaud for a slight weight gain in the past year that we’ve worked together. In reality, it’s our own damn fault. We use any excuse to eat chocolate. Today, for instance, Rachel brought in pretzels. Hannah brought in chocolate. I declared that we would melt the chocolate to have something to dip our pretzels in. Hello.IMAG2507

In response to this behavior:image

4. This conversation while Sarah and I drove over the bridge.

Me: Sarah, look at that sign.

Sarah: It’s a sign.

Me: Ugh, I know. We need help.

Sarah: No, it’s actually a sign. Literally.IMAG2488

5. My new favorite breakfast: toasted everything bagel thin, fried egg, Trader Joe’s spicy salsa, sliced avocado. Carbs, protein, healthy fats, flavor. Nothing is missing.IMAG2449

Make that! Thank me later!