May 30, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Before you flip out wondering, why I didn’t write a “What I’m Loving Wednesday Post,” let me explain myself. This is a lifestyle blog centered around finding the balance between eating and exercise. There is a lot of food and randomness, but not enough fitness. I workout most days of the week, but I don’t always share what I’m doing. I'd love to incorporate more of my workouts on the blog to motivate both my readers and myself. Let me know what you think!

Here’s the workout I did on Tuesday.



For those of you who haven’t done interval workouts, let me further explain this. You’ll sprint for 20 seconds, then (holding the side rails) jump and place each foot on the sides of the treadmill. Let the treadmill go for the remaining 40 seconds and then jump back on.

Repeat, sweat, wipe, turn your music up, sweat some more.

Adjust the speed so that you’re running as fast as you can during the sprints. This ensures that you significantly increase your heart rate during those 20 seconds. It doesn’t seem like long, but trust me, the incline makes it tough.


Speaking of fitness, Champion sent me a shipment of two new sports bras. After receiving a bunch last Fall, I decided they are my very favorite sports bras. Ever. I mean it. They are incredibly comfortable, tag free, seam free, and sweat proof. Do you know how annoying tags can be when you work out? Yikes.

Style 2697


Style 2767


I’m pretty small and don’t need a ton of support, but I can tell that these bras would be great for bustier ladies as well. My first shipment contained 2 size mediums so I gave them to my roommate. She wore Style 2767 to clinicals for 12 hours and was comfortable all day. She also noted that she liked how it was similar to a regular bra, with adjustable straps.

From the shipment last Fall, this was my favorite bra:

Style 2961


It’s currently on sale for $17.99! You will love it. Aside from wearing it at the gym, I also have them one on I’m working from home or just lounging around.

Check them out!

What’s your favorite upper body exercise? What do you loathe? I love push ups. No, really, I do.

Favorite athletic wear?