Sep 28, 2011

Body Attack and Sushi Taro

On Tuesday, Amanda and I planned on going to Body Attack and the Farmer’s Market. Besides the fact that Body Attack is a great cardio workout, I love going for several reasons:

  1. Erica teaches the class. She is just awesome. Her energy is contagious and she’s really fun to watch. She’s a billion times more coordinated than I am and honestly, she inspires me to be less twinkle-toed. Did I mention she just gave birth to her gorgeous daughter, Kailyn? Yep, she welcome her peanut on August 1st, and is already teaching classes. See, I told you she’s inspirational.
  2. The music! If I’m ever in need for some good tunes, Body Attack has some great tracks. They are usually fast-paced and would probably be great to run to.
  3. It’s a good laugh. Honest to God, if I’m ever having a bad day, I need to remind myself that Body Attack makes me laugh a little too much. At what you say? Oh, just myself. My lack of coordination and inability to combine steps is really quite humorous. I always look over at Amanda (who does really well) and then back and myself and think “What are you dooooooooing, Christina? Get with it!” And then I look at Erica and I think “Oh damn, she’s good.”

Seriously though, check out Body Attack if your gym provides the class. It’s an calorie-torching hour of fun!

Our plans to hit up the Farmer’s Market didn’t work out. As we pulled up, we noticed all the trucks packing up! It wasn’t totally dark yet, but I guess that’s what happens when Summer turns to fall. Boo!

But instead of calling it a night, we decided to try a new(ish) restaurant in Mt. P: Sushi Taro. Sushi Taro menu is huge, with options ranging from sushi, hibachi, noodles, and even a few Thai entrees. Amanda and I decided to get an appetizer and share two entrees. This is pretty much the way we always eat together!

After many recommendations from our server (who was so sweet by the way!), we opted for the Gyoza: pan-fried pork dumplings served with ponzu sauce ($6).002 (1280x960)

Loooooved these. They were slightly crunchy on the outside with a tender, meaty filling. The sweet ponzu sauce was excellent.

Neither Amanda or I can resist a good Pad Thai. I also get really excited when I see Udon noodles on a menu…so that’s exactly what we ordered for our entrees.

Pad Thai: shrimp with rice noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, cilantro, chili paste, lime, crushed peanuts and eggs with tamarind sauce ($11).004 (1280x948)

Yaki Udon: Shrimp, chicken or beef with special sauce served on hot sizzling plate ($8).005 (1280x987)

We immediately dug in and loved both dishes…except for the shrimp on the Pad Thai. Something wasn’t right about the smell. And the taste. I’ve had food poisoning from bad oysters before, so there was no way I was taking any chances. I politely sent it back with our waitress who offered to remake the dish with chicken. Both she and the chef were apologetic and more than happy to remake it for us. Every restaurant can make a mistake, but to me, how they handle it is what matters most.

Overall, we were extremely happy with Sushi Taro. The menu prices were very reasonable and the food was just as good as Basil. Think about this: the Pad Thai at Basil is 15.50 and at Sushi Taro it is $11 and tastes the same. Hmm…I think we know where I’ll be revisiting! And if not for the Pad Thai, I still want to try their sushi and hibachi.

Sushi Taro on Urbanspoon

What are some of your favorite Japanese/Chinese/Thai entrees?

Have any memorable restaurant experiences? Good or bad?