Sep 21, 2011

Book Club Meeting #2: Sarah’s Key

Right after work on Tuesday, Mariah and I met up for a run through I’on. It was in the low 80s – perfect running weather. We ran a little over 3 miles throughout the neighborhood and admired all the beautiful houses. It was really nice to be outdoors instead of stuck in the gym. Lately, I’ve been trying to exercise outside as much as possible because the cold weather is just around the corner…

After our run, I met up with Amanda, Kira, Mary, Jess, and Price for our second book club meeting. At the end of our first book club meeting, Amanda suggested that we read Sarah’s Key. Six weeks later, we all got together for wine (duh) and discussion time. As usual, we all brought something to eat. My contribution was zucchini muffins:DSC_0643

Amanda’s dad grilled us some delicious shrimp. Seriously, so good. Thanks Papa Holloway.DSC_0642

The rest of the food is shown here: hummus/carrots/pita chips from Mary, cream cheese and almond stuffed strawberries from Jess, cheese and crackers from Price, and pumpkin dip (!!) from Kira:DSC_0649

Aren’t these strawberries so pretty? They were a hit.DSC_0647

While Amanda, Mary, Kira, and Price really enjoyed Sarah’s Key, Jess and I were not fans. Both Jess and I felt that we couldn’t really get into the book at any point. Usually I can pick up a book and plow through it in a few nights, but for some reason, I was never really excited to start a new chapter. The one thing I did like about the book is that during the first half, the chapters are from two different character’s perspectives. The second half of the book seemed to drag on.

Jess offered to host the next meeting at her house, and she’ll be emailing us what she chooses for our next book tomorrow. I was hoping to get started on our 3rd book tonight, but instead I’ll be starting Exes and Ohs!

Have you read Sarah’s Key?

Ever checked out Time Magazine’s list of the 100 best English-Language novels?

Favorite book of all time?