Sep 14, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday Version 9.0

9 is my favorite number!

1. On the way up to VA last weekend, I read this little blurb in Food Network magazine:IMAG0561

Bring on the Halloween candy!!

2. I went down to the cafeteria at work and asked for a side of pickles. The incredibly awesome man in the deli gave me TWENTY TWO PICKLES. He’s my new hero fo sho.IMAG0511

3. And on the work note, I’m loving my new desktop background.

Seeing those cookies are a great way to start the day! Shout out to Matt in IT for taking that pic for me. :)IMAG0530(1)

4. This lovely Charleston sunset. Just ignore the traffic construction hell that is taking over Mt. Pleasant.IMAG0548

5. Apparently my weird breakfast habit is beneficial to my mental health. This was the first tip in the Real Simple Article titled “5 Quick Rituals That Will Improve Your Day.” IMAG0603(1)

6. This:

7. I love this, even though it’s probably not normal. What’s worse is that there have been several times I’ve forgotten to check in.image

8. Just bought this book. Is this my bio? I think so.

9. I’m still laughing at this picture.IMAG0566-1

Questions for you:

1. What’s your desktop background?

2. What’s an essential start to your day?

3. What’s your favorite funny book?