Jan 30, 2011

Bambu Dining with the Roommates

Last night, Diana (my old roommate) and Lucy (my new roommate) and I went to Bambu for dinner. Bambu is an Asian restaurant in Mt. Pleasant off of Coleman Blvd. It’s very pretty inside and the sushi is great. They have a ton of rolls to choose from, so we each picked one and shared with each other.

Diana ordered the SCAM Roll - Crab and cream cheese roll topped with avocado and spicy shrimp and crab mix. IMAG0105
Lucy ordered the Super White Tuna Roll - White tuna and avocado atop a spicy tuna, crab and cucumber roll.IMAG0107
I ordered the Umami Roll - Tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, and mango roll topped with seared tuna, jalapeno, and sweet chili sauce.IMAG0106I loved all three rolls, but I definitely enjoyed mine the most. Mango in a roll was a first to me, and I really loved the fruity flavor against the jalapeno.
Bambu on Urbanspoon

We went straight home after dinner. No additional alcohol for us. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun. Remember when I bought my hula hoop a couple weeks ago? When I got home with it, I was thinking Lucy was going to think I was a total weirdo for buying a hula hoop. Instead of looking at me funny, she told me she actually had the same one in a different color. Moments later, she came out of her room holding a purple hula hoop.

So last night, Lucy and I had a major  hooping session. I’m talking about a solid hour of hula hooping – around our waists, wrists, elbows, and neck. Yes, neck. We are becoming pros. I can’t even lie – today’s mission is to go buy more hula hoops in different colors because it’s really fun to hoop two at at time.

We are 5-year-olds.

Videos/pictures to come.

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