Jan 7, 2011

Four Things for Friday!

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ survey? This girl does! Thanks for tagging me, Erica!

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Golden Girls. Every.Single.Night. I don’t care how much of a loser I am for this. It is just the best. 2. The Nanny. I told you I was a loser. 3. Barefoot Contessa. Ina’s pretentiousness and her adoration (borderline obsession) for her husband make me chuckle, and she has some darn good recipes.
4. Any other cooking shows.

Four things I’m passionate about:
1. Nutrition. I wish everyone knew a little bit more of what goes in their body and how it affects them. I also wish everyone would put down the Cheetos.

2. Fitness. Exercising has become such an important aspect in my life. I find it to be both enjoyable and therapeutic. There are so many forms of exercise and I know that everyone can find something they enjoy. Even if it is so painful that you have to lay on the floor of the gym to recover.3. Food/Cooking. I could cook or bake all day long. I will often choose staying in on a Friday night just to bake a new recipe. Like tonight, for example, I am making a carrot cake for a birthday party tomorrow. I turned down the MUSC oyster roast for this.
4. Friends and Family. I am truly blessed.

Four phrases/ words I use a lot:
1. “How is this my life right now?” Some weird stuff happens to me, I tell you.

2. “I want Chick-fil-A.”3. “I can’t find my….” I lose stuff a lot. Usually I find it!

4. “I need champagne.” IMG_4923
Four things I’ve learned in the past:
1. Situations are only awkward if you make them awkward.

2. You can never be too fancy.3. Do what you love. Wear sunglasses to a bar if it makes you happy.DSC018584. Candy is good for you.baby8
Four places I’d like to go:
1. Greece

2. Italy, again. I’d love to visit other regions.

3. Czech Republic

4. Egypt. Is this unsafe? What if I show them I have an Egyptian tattoo? Will they let me in?

Four things I did yesterday:
1. I made dinner.

2. I watched the Facebook Obsession on CNBC.

3. I researched carrot cake recipes. (Loser)

4. I whitened my teeth. Everyone should do this.

Four things I love about winter….I do not like winter. I’ll do Summer.
1. BEACH & BOATS! 2. Wearing dresses. 3. Being outside!DSC_0181 4. Being tan!

Four the “Four Things” survey, I tag:
Have a great weekend friends! And please, don’t forget to VOTE FOR MY BLOG! Smile Smile (Explanation here.)

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