Jan 9, 2011

Carrot Cake Is The Only Cake You Should Eat. Ever.

For a birthday party on Saturday night, I decided to make a carrot cake. Not your typical birthday cake, I know, but it was one of the birthday boy’s favorites as well as mine. I had never made a carrot cake before, so I tweeted asking for recommendations. Allison immediately suggested Martha Stewart’s recipe. Well duh, she is the master!

I was already a bit nervous about making a cake. I am a cookie girl, and the only cakes I’ve ever made are angel food cake and pumpkin chiffon cake. This particular recipe is a 3-layered cake, so I knew I was in for some fun. What I didn’t realize is how messy this fun would be.

Take a peek at what I did to my kitchen. This is what you would call a disaster.DSC_1962DSC_1963DSC_1960It took nearly the entire time the cakes were in the oven for me to clean up. Another thing about the cake-baking process is that you can’t sample it before your serve it! This scared me, a lot. I did, however, sample plenty of the batter. DSC_1956Because my hands were covered in cake frosting, I was afraid to use my dslr too much, so I snapped a few pics with my blackberry. Excuse the poor quality photo and know that my phone is currently covered with dried up frosting. It smells great, though!carrotcakeUnveiling the cake at the party was pretty fun because Margaret and I made a pretty big deal about it. That’s just what we do. We decided that it was no longer a birthday cake – it was a bestie cake and we were going to be the first to indulge in my creation.DSC_2001

DSC_2002DSC_2003DSC_2004DSC_2007DSC_2008And this would be a very blurry photo of us feeding each other.DSC_2011Believe it or not, we decided to share with others and everyone’s response was the same: “Omg, you made this? This is amazing. And I don’t even like carrot cake.” Seriously, I heard that about 50 times. Smile It is true. This recipe is perfect. The only change I made to Martha’s recipe (I know, how dare I!) was substitute water for crushed pineapple to add more flavor and added in raisins. Both added ingredients made for a delightful texture!

After feasting on cake, we feasted on too much beer. Kegs + carrot cake = quite the rager of a party. Especially when I brought out…the SWORDS! Call me a five year old, but when I saw these ONE DOLLAR foam swords at Target, I knew I had to have them. My friends and I are really mature.And then we realized the swords could fall apart. Whoops!

Question 1: What is your favorite cake? Have you ever made it?

Question 2: Do you bring stupid toys to parties/the bar for extra entertainment? It is perfectly fine for you to tell me that I am out of control, but I will keep doing it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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