Mar 22, 2011

Counterproductive Gym Sessions

I was in a craptastic mood so I jumped on the treadmill, pressed start, and didn’t speak a word for 3.1 miles. Meanwhile, Lucy and Ashley were on the arctic climbers wondering why I wasn’t engaging in the “omg-listen-to-what-happened-last-night” session. About 25 minutes later, I ripped my shirt off and went straight for the foam roller. Yes, I had a tank on underneath. Lucy and Ashley joined me shortly after for a therapy session. Not physical therapy. Mental therapy at the gym.

In about 10 minutes, Lucy and Ashley successfully brought me out of my lunatic state right back into my usual chipper mood. God bless those ladies. I totally forgot to roll my shins, but I did find an interesting Redbook magazine:

I love Bethenny Frankel so much. I totally relate to her screwy family situation and complete lack of a verbal filter.

The highlight of my day was creating a new cookie recipe. See the dough? Try and guess what that purple-y mess is. It’s heavenly, just heavenly.
I absolutely love baking, but I think what I enjoy more is giving them to people and watching their reactions. So I brought them to where a good chunk of my loved ones are: the gym.

Locker #14 containing my purse and 16 cookies.bbcookieslocker

The first person to consume one of my cookies was Mike. I told him he could have one now or on his way out. He dropped his dumbbells and said, “Well I might as well have one now.”  Thanks for giving in, sweaty Mike.

Beaming with a sense of success, I skipped over to my treadmill. I left the tupperware at the end of my treadmill so my friends could easily access them. Ashley, David, Melody, Justin, and Dave all ate cookies mid-workout. Ashley was convinced it made her work harder:
Later that evening, both Joey and Daniel stopped by for cookies. They came in, chatted for a few minutes, then got out. I hope my neighbors know that I’m only dealing cookies. :)