Mar 4, 2011

The Most Rando Post Ever / Photo Day #12

Photo Day #12: A picture of something you love. You guys already know I adore people, the gym, cookies, and hula hoops, but I also really love TIGHT JEANS. Pulling up a pair of tight jeans is one of the best feelings. My favorite pair? The Stilt by Adriano Goldschmied. I bought my first pair in 2009 and had to scour the internet for hours to find a second pair in my size last December. Very worth it.

When I’m not wedging myself in those, I don’t mind Banana Republic’s dark wash skinny  jeans:


Because it’s Friday, I’m going to say screw it, and just be random, ok?

There have been questions as to whether or not Matt smiles. Out of the 38 tagged pictures of us on facebook, he is smiling in 11. 28.9% isn’t bad! Here’s one from September 2008:

image_thumb1_thumbOne day I’ll explain my outfit.

Holly actually asked me what kind of flowers I wanted in my wedding. Isn’t she cute thinking I might have a clue. Um. Orchids? My favorite flowers are lilacs, but we don’t have them in SC. It’s devastating. If a man ever gave me these, I’d probably propose to him.

And now for some blogger love! Here are 3 girls who I’m currently crushing on:

1. Carissa, from Carissa Explains It All:

This girl is off-the-wall funny. She goes where most bloggers are too afraid to go because she is bursting with confidence. Whether or not she is professing her love for Justin Bieber, showing us her exotic dance moves, or posting fitness-related pics, Carissa will have you laughing to tears! We became such fast blogger friends that we are now fb friends, and text each other all day long about our mischievous activities. Ha!




2. Nuha, from Habibi:nuha

I randomly stumbled upon Nuha’s blog and lurked because I thought she was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen! No joke! Her blog topics range from home decorating, to fashion, to recipes. She makes beautiful cakes and I envy her sense of style!



3. Claire, from Dine and Dash:

After stalking each other’s facebook profiles one evening, Claire and I quickly realized that we are twins. She is such a fun, sweet, positive girl! Her blog contains recipes, exercises, and details about her upcoming wedding. She is doing the 30 Day Photo Challenge, too!